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Loch Kinnabus

Boating On Kinnabus - 6th May 2013

Myself and Donny decided to go for a couple hours fishing as neither of us had used the boat before and were keen to try it out.

We arrived about four o'clock and were met by young Andrew Mitchell and his dad, Ronnie. They were fishing the bay beside the jetty and Ronnie was already a couple of fish up on Andrew, (
which doesn't happen very often! ) The wind was in a westerly direction and with Donny at the oars we headed out in to the middle of the bay and started a drift towards the far bank. There was a fair chop on the water so we decided to attach the drogue just to slow us down a bit. After ten minutes Donny had a fish in the boat, a small fish of about 4oz but beautifully marked. As we reached the end of the first drift, just metres from the shore, Donny hooked another on his self tied muddler. Time for a new drift and as we hadn't seen many fish on our first one we changed area and drifted along parallel to the south-east shoreline. Still not much showing on the surface and this drift turned out blank. With me now at the controls ( against the wind, funny that !) we headed back up to the jetty bay for a few short drifts. Donny yet again landed and returned a small fish of 4 or 5oz on a kate mclaren muddler. By this time, i was starting to go through every fly in my box, all to no avail. Six o'clock and we headed back to the jetty after Donny landed another two fish. Scores for our short visit... Donny - 5 , Tam - 0

The boat was a joy to use, sitting straight and steady in the water and the high swivel seats making the fishing very comfortable.. I will definately be out on it more often...and maybe even catch a fish or two.


Dod Dunbar, Kinnabus

Went up to Loch Kinnabus today with Colin with the view to taking the boat out ,it was quite calm when we arrived and we started getting fish in the bay that the boat lies in right away ,drifted down the right hand side picking up a few fish here and there ,the wind started to get up ,a cold wind and pput the fish down and made it a hard row from the sandy bay back to the pier,i ended up with 13 fish heaviest 12 oz with plenty of other offers and a few lost ,Colin ended up with 6 and a few offers ,a nice wee couple of hours with plenty of steady action until the wind got up ,successful flies were bibio,kate and connamara black.
Gordon Dunbar,
Went up to Loch Kinnabus last Friday and fished from 5 o.clock till about half past 8 ,started off with dry fly and took 5 fish in the first 7 casts and lost another 2 ,thinking great it could be a night of fantastic sport but this soon turned to despair as it started raining quite heavily and a strong easterly wind putting the fish down ,so after about 20 minutes without a touch changed to a slime line and diawl bachs which started to take fish almost immediately, i never changed my flies for the rest of the night and by the time i stopped fishing had caught 26 trout in the 6oz to the 9oz range ,all in all a good nights sport on this highly under rated loch which over the season has been producing some better fish than in the last few years, hopefully this trend continues for the remainder of the season and on into next year
                                                                                      G Dunbar

Successful Islay Trip

During our fishing week (31/5/08 to 6/6/08) on Islay (14th consecutive year)
we had a day (5 June) on your lochs. All week the weather was bright,
virtually windless and quite warm. We left the car in the quarry and walked
over to the School Loch first where we all caught our first fish. Jim
Campbell actually caught and released one about 1lb 4oz (picture available).
We then tried Gillie Loch and found the fish out in the deeper water rising
to black and olive CDC - a good few fish up to 12oz. Finally we finished off
on Kinnabus and again had about 30 fish up to 12oz. Flies for the day were
Black and Olive CDC, Green Peter, Blue Zulu, Doobry, Clan Chief, Bibio,
Pearly Invicta and JJ Olive. During the week we also fished Skerrolls, Gorm
(3 days), Finlaggan and Ballygrant - similar flies and conditions. Looking
forward already to our 2009 trip!


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