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Season 2018 News & Result

Hugh Campbell Memorial Winner Donny Holyoake with Iain and Elaine Campbell

Hugh Campbell Memorial Glenastle Lochs 16/6/18

Ten anglers arrived to take part in one of the founder members memorial competition hoping to add there name to list of past winners
As the afternoon went on one man seemed to be catching steady and this proved correct as at the end off a tough 4hrs fishing  Donny Holyoake came out as top rod of the day with a nice bag off brown trout. Well done to Donny after 20yrs off trying to win this competition he has finaly got the only trophy he had never won!!

1st Donny Holyoake 12 Fish 4lb 6.0oz
2nd Andrew Mitchell 14 Fish 2lb 2.0oz
3rd Keith MacDonald 4 Fish 12.2oz
Heaviest Fish Donny Holyoake 14.0oz
Number of Rods 10
Total Fish Caught 40

  1st Club Campionship Glenastle Lochs 21/4/2018

On a bright breezy day nine anglers arrived hoping the lochs would be more productive than what they have been in the past few seasons. With the 1pm start time getting near of the anglers went to find there spots, as the afternoon went on it was clear that fish were getting caught good news as the past few seasons on Glenastle have been very poor. As 5pm arrived all anglers headed back to have there weights taken and fish counted.


1st Equal Donny Holyoake 6 Fish 1lb 15.4oz
1st Equal Keith MacDonald 8 Fish 1lb 15.4oz
2nd Nigel MacTaggart 4 Fish 1lb 9.0oz
3rd Callum MacAffer 3 Fish 1lb 5.0oz

Heaviest Fish

Donny Holyoake 9.4oz

Total Fish Caught

Number of Rods

Winner of the 2017 Club Championship Donny Holyoake.

Ardbeg Cast Off Cup Kinnabus Loch 17/3/2018

Cast Off Cup Winner Keith MacDonald with Nigel MacTaggart

On a cold blistery day 7 anglers braved the elements to attend the first competition of the season hoping to start there season of in good style,with time nearing the 1pm start time everyone headed of to find what they thought would be the most productive spot. But as the day went on every angler found catching fish was not going to be easy and by the end of the session this was proved right. The club would like to thank Jackie and Ardbeg Distillery for the prizes and there continued support of this Competition.A nice dram was poured by the winner to each of the anglers taking part after the weights were counted and went down very well on a very cold day.


1st Place Keith MacDonald

Heaviest Fish

Keith MacDonald 7.8oz

Orkney trip 23rd June- 30th June 2018

Any member island or mainland wishing to go on the above trip should make there name known the club secretary by 30th March.The trip will be subsidised by the club but members are expected to pay £100 per head towards expenses plus there £30 membership fee.Payment due by 30th April this will allow ferrys etc to be booked well in advance.The entire Birsay Hostel on Orkney has already been booked and paid for.

Contact Details

Lauries of Islay (Spar) 19 Charlotte Street
Port Ellen Islay PA427DF

Tel No 01496302264

Email lauriesofislay@connect.com

2017 News and Results

Ted Burkenshaw Memorial Kinnabus Loch 23/9/17

On a cold windy day 10 anglers arrived to take part in the last club competition of the season a pegged event. With each angler having drawn there starting peg it was of to see it the trout were in a taking mood.
As the afternoon went on the wind got stronger the day became more suitable for surfing rather than fishing on certain areas of the Loch and making some of the pegs difficult to fish.
After 5hrs of tough fishing it was back to the Club House for the weights to be taken and presentions made. With all anglers fish weighed and counted Nigel MacTaggart was anounced the winner with a bag of 32 fish with Donny Holyoake taking the heaviest fish of the day a trout of 8.8oz.
Thanks must go to Laphroaig Distillery for the prizes for this competition and the drams were very welcome on such a cold day!!


1st Nigel MacTaggart 32 Fish for 8lb.11oz

2nd Donny Holyoake 30 Fish for 8lb.4oz

3rd Callum MacAffer 21 Fish for 5lb.9oz

Heaviest Fish

Donny Holyoake 8.8oz

Total Fish Caught 176

Winner Nigel MacTaggart right with Heaviest Fish Winner Donny Holyoake.

3rd Club Championship Kinnabus Loch 2/9/2017

10 Anglers arrived to compete in the only day/night competition of the season on Kinnabus Loch in the hope of catching a good bag of fish and increase their chance of adding weight that totals up to decide The Club Champion.
With angler spread round the loch fishing got underway at 4pm, with strong winds and sunshine throughout the 4 hours proved to be much more fruitful than our last two visits to Kinnabus.
With fish counted, measured and weights taken Donnie McNicol was anounced the winner with a bag of 24 fish to add to his total caught so far in competitions in the race for the champion angler of the year. 
Heaviest fish caught on the the day was a 8.04oz trout caught by Neil Carmichael.
After presentations were made winner Donnie cracked open his prize and anglers were grateful for a nice dram to warm up.


1st Donnie McNicol  24 fish for 5lb 10.6oz

2nd Donny Holyoake  22 fish for 5lb 8.2oz

3rd Neil Carmichael    15 fish for 4lb 14oz

Heaviest Fish

Neil Carmichael 8.04oz

Total fish caught 124

 Winner Donnie McNicol right with Nigel MacTaggart!!

Coillabus Quaich Kinnabus Loch 19/8/17

On a cold windy day 12 anglers braved the elements to take part in the Coillabus Quaich knowing that the top 4 rods would represent the club at the Club Championship on the Lake of Mentieth in 2018.
With fish not keen on taking to any anglers flies early on it was going to be a tough days fishing and this was proved right as the the day went on, after 4hrs of tough fishing anglers head to the weigh in hoping they had done enough to make the the top 4. After all the weights were taken Keith MacDonald was announced the winner with Bill Barclay having the heaviest fish of the day.
With presentions made winner Keith poured large drams for is fellow anglers!


1st Keith MacDonald  10 Fish for 2lb 12.6oz

2nd Bill Barclay  8 Fish for 2lb 1.8oz

3rd Neil Carmichael  5 Fish for 1lb 11.6oz

4th Donnie McNicol   5 Fish for 1lb 5.4oz

 Heaviest Fish

Bill Barclay 11.40z

Total Fish Caught 39

Winner Keith with heaviest fish winner Bill.


We now have two dates for this years trips to Inver on Jura, firstly the 26th of August and the second trip on the 30th of September, both dates are Saturdays and both are catching the 8.30am ferry from Port Askaig.
I am also putting these dates into the fixture list.

2nd Club Championship 5/8/17

10 Anglers arrived at kinnabus loch to compete in the first pegged event of the season,with pegs drawn it was of in the hope of catching a good bag of fish. After 5hrs of tough fishing everyone headed back to see if they had done enough to claim victory, it soon became clear that there was not a lot of fish caught on a tough day for all 10 anglers as the fish were not keen on taking any flies put in front of them. After all bags were weighed Mr Bill Barclay was anounced the winner, on receiving the winners prize Bill wasted no time in pouring some good drams to the boys after a tough days fishing.


1st Bill Barclay  7 Fish For 1lb 11.4oz
2nd Jim MacDougall  5 Fish For 1lb 9.4oz
3rd Keith MacDonald  4 Fish For 1lb 2oz

Heaviest Fish Bill Barclay  6.2oz

Total F
ish caught 32

Winner Bill Barclay right with Nigel MacTaggart 5/8/17.

Diageo Pairs School Lochs 15/7/2017

Rain and wind is what faced the 9 anglers who attended the pairs event at the School Lochs.
With fish not being easy to catch on either of the lochs anglers found it more difficult as the day went on, after 4hrs of tough fishing anglers headed back across the field in the hope that they had done enough to take the glory. After reaching the car park and prepairing for the weigh in and looking at each others catches it was going to be close call as to who was going to take prizes.
With catches counted and weighed Neil Carmichael and Callum MacAffer were anounced the winners, 35 fish were caught in total and every angler taking part caught fish on a tough day. Many thanks must go to Diageo for the continuing support of the competition and also club member and Diageo employee Ronnie Mitchell for sourcing the prizes and presenting them to the winners.

1st Neil Carmichael/Callum MacAffer 13 Fish 2lb 8oz
2nd Donny Holyoake/Keith MacDonald 12 Fish 1lb 14.2oz
3rd Iain Farrell/Andrew Mitchell 5 Fish 1lb 1.2oz

Total Fish Caught 35.

Diageo Pairs Winners Neil Carmichael and Callum MacAffer with Ronnie Mitchell holding the winners prizes!!


Kinnabus Loch played host to the Memorial Rose Bowl on a day where the weather was a bit on the breezy side,16 anglers headed out to find there favourite spots hoping to land a good bag of fish. 
With all anglers using the same 4 flies supplied by Mr Laurie.(AGM idea where everyone uses same 4 flies)
After 4hrs of tough fishing Donny Holyoake came out as top rod on the day with Donnie McNicol taking the the heaviest fish.
After presentations were made it was burger time washed down with a few drams to finish of a great day!


1st Donny Holyoake 20 Fish 5lb 6oz
2nd Donnie McNicol 9 Fish 3lb 7 oz
3rd Ronnie Mitchell 9 Fish 2lb 11oz

Heaviest Fish

Donnie McNicols 1lb 0.8oz fish below

Winner Donny Holyoake being presented the Memorial Rose Bowl from 2016 winner Gordon "Dod" Dunbar!

Winner Bill Barclay receiving the trophy from Elaine Campbell!

Hugh Campbell Memorial Glenastle Lochs 17/6/2017

On a warm calm day 10 anglers to part in the competition hoping to land some good size fish but found fish very hard to catch with both lochs not giving up there fish with out a struggle,After 4hrs of tough fishing tere were only a total of 28 fish landed!!


1st Bill Barclay  4 Fish For 1lb 3.8oz
2nd Donny Holyoake  6 Fish For 1lb 3.4oz
3rd David Hastie  3 Fish For 14.6oz

Heaviest Fish Bill Barcley 10.6oz


The P.E.A.C boat has been moved to Loch Gorm and is available for hire from Iain Lauries Spar shop, where you can collect the padlock key and life jackets.
If you would like to book the boat 
Iain will take bookings in advance, payment must be made to secure the date.
This is strictly members only, you may invite non member guests as long as the member is present.


Full Day Boat Permit:   £10 per rod
Evening Permit (after 5pm):  £5 per rod

1st Club Championship 22/4/17 Glenastle Lochs

14 Anglers attended with 51 fish in total landed on a tough day on both lochs


1st  Jim McDougall 12 fish    2lb 5.6oz
2nd Donny Holyoake 10 fish 1lb 11.2oz
3rd  Donnie McNicol 4 fish    1lb 7oz

Heaviest Fish   Donnie McNicol 9.6oz

Ardbeg Cast Off Cup 18/3/17

The first saturday after opening day is always eagerly anticipated and is now our regular Ardbeg Cast Off Cup date at Kinnabus, 11 keen anglers arrived to somewhat mild conditions compared to previous years and hopes were high, those hopes were increased when Donny hooked a fish very first cast of the surface on a Kate Muddler. All in all it was a very successful day where 54 fish were landed with several more under the 7 inch rule being returned, the mild weather proved to be the difference from the previous years near frostbite conditions! 



1st  Donnie McNicol  10 fish for 3lb 1oz
2nd Donny Holyoake  9 fish for 2lb 11oz
3rd  Nigel McTaggart  7 fish for 1lb 15oz

Heaviest fish   Calum MacAffer  9.4oz

2016 Club Champion

Congratulations Keith McDonald.

Coillubus Quaich 20/8/16

On 20/8/16 fourteen anglers arrived a kinnabus loch to compete for the Coillubus Quaich with the extra incentive of knowing that the the top four rods at the end would represent the club at the scottish club championship on the Lake of Menteith in 2017. With anglers spread around the loch fishing got underway at 1:00pm after a four hour session fishing ended at 5:00pm,With catches weighed and counted Jim MacDougall was anounced the winner with a fine  bag of 21 fish weighing 5lb 1.6oz, Joining Jim on the team for Monteith next year are, Ronnie Mitchell,Donnie McNicol, and Keith MacDonald, Atotal 121 fish were caught on the day with the heaviest  at 8.2oz!!

1st Jim MacDougall 21 fish 5lb 1.6oz
2nd Ronnie Mitchell 14 fish 3lb 12oz
3rd Donnie McNicol 12 fish 3lb 8oz
4th Keith MacDonald 10 fish 4lb 5.4oz

Heaviest Fish
Donny Holyoake/Keith MacDonald 8.2oz

Winner Keith with Donny & McNic!!

2nd Club Championship 6/8/16

Kinnabus Loch was the venue for the second club championship of the season a pegged event, each of the 9 anglers taking part drew their starting peg and off they went hoping for a good start. After 5 hours in tough conditions, Keith MacDonald emerged the winner with 25 fish for a total weight of  6lb 14.4oz.
102 fish were caught on the night, Nigel MacTaggart had the heaviest fish of  8.6oz.


1st Keith MacDonald 25 Fish 6lb 14.4oz
2nd Donny Holyoake 20 Fish 5lb 4.8oz
3rd  Donnie McNicol   14 Fish 3lb 8.2oz

Heaviest Fish: Nigel MacTaggart 8.6oz

Diageo Pairs 16/7/16

On a cold wet day 5 anglers braved the elements to take part in the Diageo pairs at the school lochs, with 5 being a odd number one angler would fish on his own and as the draw for the pairings were made young Andrew Mitchell was last out the hat and therefore would have his total weight doubled at the end. After 4 hours of fishing Callum MacAffer & Donny McNicol came out the winners. A big thanks to Diageo for their continued support for this competition.


1st Callum MacAffer/Donny McNicol
2nd Andrew Mitchell
3rd Neil Carmichael/Nigel Mac Taggart

Anglers who took part in the Diageo Pairs.

Callum & Donny being presented with the trophy and prizes from Ronnie Mitchell.

Anglers who competed in the Hugh Campbell Memorial!!

Elaine presenting Nigel with the trophy.

Hugh Campbell Memorial Glenastle Lochs 18/6/16

On a bright and breezy day anglers gathered for a competion in memory of one of our founder members. With fish hard to find one man "Nigel McTaggart" had no problem getting the trout to his flies and at the end of the day a bag of 8 fish was good enough to take 1st prize. A big thank you to Elaine and Iain for donating a bottle and presenting Nigel with the Trophy.  

1st Nigel McTaggart
2nd Willie Leask
3rd Jim Hairstads

Heaviest Fish Jim Hairstads 8oz

Willie and Davie wondering what flies to try next at Glenastle 18/6/16

Some more photos from our Belgian friend at Inver in 2001.

The famous Jura Paps

No idea why someone had a pineapple with them !!

Willie Leask

Gebe McCalman trying something different. 

Neil Carmichael winner on the day. 

Donny Holyoake, Gordon Dunbar and Bill Barclay on the Jura ferry.  

A nice surprise in my facebook inbox last night were four photos taken by David, a Belgian "passionate hobbyist photographer" as he described himself fifteen years ago when meeting me in the Ardview Inn and accepting my invitation to join us on Jura at Loch Inver for a day with his camera.
David has promised to send me more of the collection and I will post them on here in due course. DH

Inver Loch on Jura,    circa 2001 

Loch Inver on Jura with Salmon cages in background. circa 2001


On a bitterly cold day 8 anglers attended the 1st Club Championship competition of the season on Glenastle lochs. With fish hard to catch on the top loch it proved at the end of the day that those who fished the bottom loch were the anglers who came out on top. Jim McDougall landing a nice bag to claim victory with Donny Holyoake taking the heaviest fish of 10.4oz.  A total off 41 fish were caught on a tough day.

1st Jim McDougall
2nd Donny Holyoake
3rd Calum MacAffer

Heaviest Fish : Donny Holyoake

Donny, Jim and Calum with Glenastle lochs in background.

Donnys 10oz fish and amazingly the size of frog that came out its mouth after he had landed it! (would probably have been a 12oz fish with the frog in its stomach)  :-)


12 Anglers arrived at Kinnabus Loch for the first competion of the season the waters were calm at the start but as the day went on it got bitterly cold and most off the anglers found it tough going to get fish. Andrew Mitchell landed a nice fish early on over 9oz which would prove to be the heaviest fish off the day 3 more fish off over 8 oz were also caught out off a tolal off 22 fish caught on a tough day. After the catches were counted Jim MacDougall was anounced the winner. A big 
thankyou to Ardbeg for the brilliant prizes!!

1st Jim MacDougall

2nd Donny Holyoake
3rd Andrew Mitchell

Heaviest Fish : Andrew Mitchell

Donny Holyoake, Jim McDougall and Andrew Mitchell.

A brownie of around 10oz is one of 3 fish caught on opening day at Glenastle by Gavin Campbell, all 3 were taken on the Goats Toe and returned for another day.

Good few hours down on the lochs with Callum MacAffer 8 fish caught all in good condition and safely returned to fight another day!!


Ardbeg Cast Off Cup - W Leask

1st Club Championship - D Holyoake

H Campbell Memorial  - C MacAffer

 *Memorial Rose Bowl - D Holyoake

Diageo Cup - N McTaggart & D Holyoake

2nd Club Championship - K McDonald

Coillabus Quaich - D Holyoake

3rd Club Championship - D Holyoake

Ted Burkinshaw Memorial - C MacAffer

Club Champion - D Holyoake

*P.E.A.C purchased this beautiful new trophy in memory of all past members.


Ardbeg Cast Off Cup - D Holyoake

1st Club Championship - J McDougall

H Campbell Memorial  - T Dunn Jnr

R Grey Memorial BBQ - D Holyoake

Diageo Cup - C MacAffer & A Mitchell 

2nd Club Championship - D.McNicol

Coillabus Quaich - D McNicol

3rd Club Championship - C MacAffer

Ted Burkinshaw Memorial - D Holyoake

Club Champion - D Holyoake


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