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2014 fishing reports

Hugh Campbell Memorial  Sat 21 June

As some members have seen good evening rises on Glenastle and being the longest day of the year it was thought that as an experiment this years 'Hughie Texa' cup would be a 5-9pm session.
Sixteen anglers arrived down at the late Hugh Campbells old stomping ground at Glenastle in less than favourable wild trout fishing conditions.
A strong north-westerly was blowing right down the middle of the loch meaning not alot of shelter and with hardly a cloud in the sky, the sun would also cause some problems.

Anglers were fairly evenly split between the two lochs and at 5 oclock it was time to wet the flies. Nigel MacTaggart had a couple of fish in the first 5 minutes and thought he was on to the winning formula but it was not to be. Roderick Ewart was into a nice fish at the far end of the bottom loch but unfortunately it spat the hook at the last minute. Over the next four hours anglers would try every conceivable fly pattern and technique but due more to the weather than the time of evening most anglers had a pretty difficult nights fishing. Neil Carmicheal, fishing the top loch, came in third place. Davie Hastie who tried his luck on both lochs came in second. With only one fish in the net for the first three hours Tam Dunn found that stripping a large bouyant fly through the surface was getting some attention. Tam finished in first place with seven fish.
Andrew Mitchell came first in the juniors but it has to be mentioned that, yet again, Andrew's bag of fish was the heaviest on the night and had he been a senior he would have been pouring the whisky.....All in, it was not the best night for fishing and we will have to discuss wether we keep it as an evening session or return to a usual 1-5pm.

Fishing aside, it was a lovely evening to enjoy a dram from the cup in Hugh's memory. 

Many, many thanks to Elaine and Ian for taking the time out to come down and award the prizes, it is much appreciated 


1st Club Competition 19th April

              1st place Jim McDougall                                                       Glenastle                                                    Bill Barclay's 12.5oz fish

Saturday 15 March, "Cast Off Cup"

For the second year the opening competition was sponsored by Ardbeg Distillery and was this year held on Loch Kinnabus. The day was again well attended by 20 members with some even making the journey over from the mainland, now thats devotion !

Conditions this year were slightly better than last but were by no means ideal. With an overcast sky and a strong cold wind the anglers set off round the loch for the usual one o'clock start. The fishing for most of the day was very slow with not much showing on the surface, which is to be expected so early in the season and on such a cold day. Donny Holyoake, the eventual winner, struggled to find fish until about 3 o,clock when he moved round to the sandier bay below the house. For an hour or so trout decided to come on the take and Donny made good use of the time. Kate Mclaren muddler and soldier palmer muddler were his flies and landed him seven fish with the heaviest fish of the day amongst his bag. Neil Carmicheal came a good second landing 5 fish mostly to his silver butcher. Colin Tocher had a slow day but with two fish landed on a grenadier it was enough to peg him third place.

In total, 23 fish were landed between the brave souls who attended and another season gets off to a good start, lets hope it continues.........

new club chairman, Martin McNammara presents Donny with his trophy

Many thanks to Ardbeg Distillery for the prizes and the drams...

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